Long Story Short Version

Okay, I’m in a hirry adn OI need to get this out. I’m a “runner”, as theyre called. I’m the best one there is. I’ve evaded it for more than 2 years and am still perfecttly sane. These other guys getting all worked up over a fucking walking stick!? Stay high, stay in motion, stay healthy. See, each of the other groups got only one thing right. Yo have those health guys, started as a fucking joke right? Well, they had one thing right…beofre they fucked up. They werer staying healthy. Then you got those ceramic wasps or something. That guy was always on the move, at least until that recent hotel video. Tribe12 got the idea to stay up high, or at least, that tower shit seemed like a great place to start. Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that you can’t stay yourself if you arent following all the rules. Like me. See, the thing is, this…what are they calling him now, slenderman (?), he isn’t too fast. At least, not when he’s after me. I find it amusing that he also won’t get up on the fucking roof. He’s huge, fucking faggot should get up here!

Whatever, I need to move again, I can see him among the trees nearby. Fucking skinny faggot.

Hello world!

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